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Scalable and moveable sales platform to create fair market conditions for producers while delivering an impactful shopping experience

Why Frank is different?

What's in for the planet?

Offering a range of unpacked products, Frank fights against packaging waste and provides a sustainable alternative through food bulk dispensers and reusable containers 

Frank significantly improves the environmental balance of food through local and seasonal consumption 


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Why Frank is different?

We love sustainable food cooperatives! However, there are only a few on the market yet :(. Due to the small and efficient store concept, Frank can be multiplied easily and become an alternative to big supermarkets :) 

Frank's small and moveable Container store can be placed everywhere where needed and thereby enhance your neighbourhood's quality of living 

Who is Frank?

We aim to provide local food producers and craftsman with an easy to maintain sales platform, through which they can sell their products directly, without losing money on intermediaries

Frank is a modernised cooperative neighbourhood store incorporating a self check out system, that allows the local communities to shop fresh, local and unpacked products 24 hours and seven days a week  





You can be sure that the products you are buying are fresh, local and made from the heart 

As the products are sold directly by the producers, Frank ensures that the generated revenue stays local and strengthens the local market 

As each Frank store will only sell products from producers in the immediate vicinity, you will get to know the producers personally and even meet them occasionally in the store. 

And lastly, as there are no intermediaries involved and no expensive store and warehouse rents to pay, Frank can offer all its products to affordable prices

Why Frank?

No, just normal!

Why is Frank a cooperative?

Frank is organised as a modern cooperative were all producers become Frank's co-owners and have a vote in Franks future

The Frank cooperative will be fully maintained by its co-owners, who share the same values and operate the store collectively andand seven days a week  

At the Supermarket

What is Frank's mission ? 

"Provide consumers fresh local and seasonal products 24/7, aiming to create value and transparency for both, producers and consumers"

What Frank has to offer


small & moveable
grocery store


360° store


Impact on the community & the environment


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